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Our perception of business is a straightforward one that aims to be adaptable to the plans of our clients, whilst providing high-class cuisine and an attentive service. With the close involvement of our clients we attach great importance to customize our service with a professional, friendly and reliable approach to every requirement or budget. Direct problem solving as well as transparency and honesty throughout our work are key in our method of doing business.

We are a unique partner for a complete range of services. Since the beginning our services have been devised to inspire confidence in terms of taste, quality and presentation through an all-inclusive catering package.

Today we pride ourselves in offering the following expertise:

  • A wide range of catering services extending to housekeeping, cleaning and laundry. Read more in QUALITY FOOD SERVICES and HOUSEKEEPING AND LAUNDRY SERVICES
  • A highly competent and motivated crew that allows us to carry out our commitments with passion and dedication. Read more in OUR CATERING CREW
  • Experience in selecting well-known and reliable suppliers with know-how.



A meal is just as vital as the manual activity being executed for a job offshore. In support of this, we create culinary delights, from the planning stages through to the processing, storing, handling and presentation of delicious meals, always in hygienically safe conditions and in accordance with consumer wishes.

It is very important to us to allow for a varied and healthy dining experience. Our menu variation plan is build giving a particular attention to healthy food options and diversity with detail for style and taste. Our menus may enable clients to produce a variety of international and nutritionally balanced meals. It is not uncommon to find a taste of India, China or Germany in our plate compilation.



As part of our services we offer housekeeping schemes for accommodation quarters as well as laundry management. A rigid program is put into practice to deliver continuously cleaned, disinfected, and maintained working, eating and sleeping areas within the establishment. Our crew is equipped with comprehensive training to do so.

We leave it at the request of the client to add such services into their tender. Kindly contact us and we will be happy to explain our range of services to you.



Our personnel is a crucial element in our achievements and corporate growth, and we respect the value they add to our business on a daily basis. We similarly acknowledge that their personal development and dedication to high performance have a strong positive impact on team atmosphere and customer service respectively. Therefore, the utmost effort is made to guarantee the well-being and motivation of our personnel in carrying out our catering to the highest standards.

We strive to enable our personnel to increase their individual capabilities and make it easy to undergo constant improvements. As part of our social responsibility policy, we are committed to providing the correct know-how, communication systems, and equipment and training opportunities in order for every employee to support our business vision and contribute to a safe and healthy environment for the benefit of all.

We strive to ensure that our employees are working in a safe, encouraging and stimulating working environment of equal opportunity, in which individual success depends only on personal merit and performance.

We strive to encourage the exchange of ideas and learning experiences for fostering leadership skills, involvement in company activities and independence at work. Our programs invest in generating leaders who deliver superior results in culinary areas and management through an exchange of multicultural experiences that would better suit the variety of customer tastes.

We only hire individuals that we believe will embrace and thrive in our culture of integrity, honesty and customer commitment.